Martyn Meade

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As a small business (although many find that surprising as all Estate/letting agents are obviously very wealthy) I am absolutely disgusted that we are not being offered any help whatsoever with our rates.

Times are going to be tough for everyone but as a business which relies on face to face contact, you can't sell/let a property without the person first seeing it and the obvious fact that the economy is going to face a very traumatic time over the next 6-12 months I can't understand why we are being lumped in the same category as major banks building society's and large solicitor offices.

Going around Ormskirk Town Centre I have worked out that myself, Brighouse Wolff Arnold Phillips, possibly Farrell Hayworth (depends on office size) and Woodward's Solicitors are the only companies who will pay rates except the big FIVE banks, (I guess they will get given enough financial help in the coming months to counteract this) who will actually pay business rates. All large pubs, healthcare shops, multinational clothing stores and even a bookmakers which is in a premises 6-8 times bigger than ourselves and has a turnover of, I would guess 40 times ours would not be paying anything. How is this fair? It's not!

I do not believe this is a fair system and it's certainly not right that because we are an estate/letting agent who nobody really gives a f@ck about as we are all seen as rogue/dodgy/slum/scum (this I feel is being peddled further by certain Charities and members of Parliament) we are being punished for trying to make a living that, however we are seen or thought of, most of us are professional hard working and a much needed part of society who provide a huge amount of money into the economy, pay our taxes and employ large numbers of staff.

We are obviously not the only company that is going to have tough times going forward but we seem to be the forgotten industry in this country and are an easy to target.

Come on Boris, we also need some financial help.